New Rules Move Solar Forward in NY

As a follower of community solar in New York State, you’re looking for good news. After most projects became stalled while waiting for new regulations to be announced, the industry has been looking for new information from the New York Public Service Commission (PSC).

Last month, that news came. In this blog post we’re going to look at one important change that should help community solar in New York State to take off: VDER or Value of Distributed Energy Resources.

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Community Solar Gets Real

You might recall from our August newsletter that there had been more than 900 applications to build community solar projects across New York state. Believe it or not, the latest report from the New York’s Department of Public Service shows that the number has increased by more than 50%, to nearly 1,400 projects in the queue. Working through all these applications is a tremendous amount of work for state authorities, which has slowed the process of getting them constructed – but two are now up and on the grid!

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