Top 3 Reasons Community Solar is a Really Big Deal

New Yorkers are on the brink of a major new renewable energy opportunity. It’s called “community solar” — and it’s a really big deal.

In a nutshell, community solar allows people to buy solar power for their homes or offices from a nearby community solar “farm” – an array of high-efficiency solar panels that could be built in a local brownfield site, on top of public buildings, or private land.  It works just like having a solar panel on your roof…but without having to install any equipment (or needing a roof!). And it’s integrated with local utilities, so you can see your solar credits right on your electricity bills.

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Raise Your Hands for Solar

If you still don’t have solar, it’s time to get off the sidelines of the solar wave and reserve your place at the front of the line of the clean energy revolution. Anybody who pays an electric bill can join. You don’t need any equipment. There are no upfront payments. And you’re likely to even save money. Rooftop solar is great, but it only works for a small group of homeowners or businesses. Community solar is here in New York. Solar for everybody is no longer an empty slogan.

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Everything You Need to Know about Community Solar in New York

Now Everyone Can Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Power

For the very first time, anyone who pays an electric bill in New York can participate in the solar power boom. In mid-2015 the state established a new initiative: the Community Distributed Generation program, which opens up the solar market to more consumers than ever before.
How? Through “Community Solar.” If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will soon – because it’s starting to pick up momentum across the state.

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