The Partners Behind Our Power

We share a mission to make renewable energy more transparent and accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve teamed up to help get community solar projects into your area and to drive healthy competition, so that you get more choices and the best prices.



Sean Drygas

Vice President, Corporate Development, Bullfrog Power


An environmental leader in his local community, Sean brings more than a decade of business and strategy development to the renewable energy sector. In 2014, he led the development and launch of a new green fuel offering, based on an earth-friendly fuel source that is derived from waste streams such as restaurant cooking oil. Sean combines technical understanding of renewable energy projects with a strong commitment to transparency and customer service.


Gary Skulnik

Founder and CEO, Neighborhood Sun


For more than a decade, Gary has helped lead the development of the clean energy market in Maryland and Washington DC. He was instrumental in passing Maryland’s first Renewable Portfolio Standard and led efforts to secure the state’s solar incentive program and Healthy Air Act. Gary founded his first company, Clean Currents, to demonstrate the business case for clean energy and grew it into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. He started Neighborhood Sun as a social enterprise to scale up access to solar power across Maryland and the mid-Atlantic.


Charlotte Binns

Outreach Coordinator, Our Power


A social entrepreneur and community organizer focused on environmental issues, Charlotte has won $500,000 in grants for greening efforts in her Brooklyn neighborhood. As the founder of Go Green Brooklyn, Charlotte created a central hub for all eco-related stories, events and resources, making it easier for residents to engage and support local environmental efforts more often. Previously, Charlotte set up and ran Call2Action, a SaaS platform serving nonprofits which was one of the 13 pioneering companies to first become a Benefit Corporation in the State of New York. Charlotte is also the founder of RENewYorkCity.org, a mission-based organization focused on organizing local communities to efficiently transition to a clean energy economy. They are currently working to bring Community Choice Aggregation to NYC.


Bullfrog Power

Since 2005, Bullfrog Power has enabled thousands of homes and businesses to choose clean, renewable energy, help fight climate change and create a better world. Together, Bullfrog and the bullfrogpowered community have provided funding to more than 70 green energy projects across Canada, putting more than three million megawatt hours of clean electricity on the grid and displacing more than a million tons of carbon. As community solar projects expand across New York, Bullfrog aims to help customers choose the right option that allows them to save money and save the environment.


Neighborhood Sun

Neighborhood Sun is a clean energy social enterprise that empowers communities across Maryland to build and own local solar power plants. As new community solar projects come on line in the state, Neighborhood Sun organizes communities to create demand and drive competition. Its aim is not only to support people in signing up for solar but to create solar customers for the long-term by increasing transparency and consumer choice.